Domain Extractor

Extract domain names and domains from various sources such as text, links, URLs, and HTML.

Extract Domains from Text

Welcome to the Domain Extractor tool! This tool allows you to quickly extract and organize root domains from text and HTML content. Whether you have a block of text, a snippet of HTML, or a mixture of both, this tool simplifies the process of identifying unique root domains.

What is a Domain Name Extractor?

Extract domain names and domains from various sources such as text, links, URLs, and HTML. Simply input the content into our domain parser, and you'll receive a compilation of distinct domain names extracted from the provided text.


  • Duplicate Removal: The tool automatically removes duplicate root domains from the extracted list, ensuring a clean and concise result.

  • Extension Filtering: It filters out common file extensions such as .js, .css, and image formats, focusing solely on the domains.

  • Text and HTML Support: Extract root domains from plain text as well as HTML content, making it suitable for extracting domains from various sources.

  • Copy to Clipboard: Once the root domains are extracted, easily copy the list to your clipboard with a single click. This feature streamlines the process of using the extracted data.

How to Use:

  1. Enter your text or HTML content in the provided input box.

  2. Click the "Extract Domains" button.

  3. The tool will process the input, removing duplicates and filtering extensions.

  4. The unique root domains will be displayed in a list format.

  5. Click the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy the list of domains for your use.

Start using the Domain Extractor tool now to save time and effort in extracting valuable root domain information from your text and HTML content. Simplify your domain analysis process and get organized results instantly!

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